Better conversations mean better business.

No one knows hard conversations better

Our origins in Crisis Text Line mean we’ve handled the toughest conversations and learned from the largest mental health data set in history about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to navigating hard conversations by text.

Now, we’ve baked all of that learning into enterprise software that helps you boost your empathy AND bottom line.


Tackling the broken promise of CX

We’re launching in customer care because it’s a world that’s let most of us down — and it’s where we’re most needed. From heartless bots to chat misfires, the customer service experience is a turn-off for customers, a headache for agents and a source of costly misses for brands. It’s the place we need more humanity, not less. And it’s why we’re here.

Handle hard conversations as they happen

Loris CX helps your teams understand exactly where their customers are coming from and guides their conversations in real time — no additional training or soft skills required. We use machine learning to leverage empathy insights that make agents more human, not less.

Stand apart

Stand apart

It’s not enough to analyze sentiment in text (others do it, too). We go further, helping CX teams and agents know exactly what to do next to better a conversation.

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