We think people matter. Feelings matter.


And, feelings can’t be outsourced to machines.

Yep. In a world of drones and bots and algorithms, we’re betting on humans. We think feelings are awesome.

We use technology to make humans more human.

Team human?


Empathy. Compassion. Authenticity.

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We don’t learn these things at school (or in every home.) And yet, they turn out to be important. Every day you need to share kindness with an angry customer or compassion for a confused customer.

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Why feelings matter:

  • Increase Revenue: Decrease customer churn, decrease employee churn, avoid reputational damage

  • Dynamic Data-Driven Insights: Understand what’s most effective in positively-rated, empathetic conversations at your company. Understand how seasonality, news, current events, etc impact conversations.

  • Retain Knowledge: When your best customer service agents leave, they take their skills and knowledge with them. Loris decodes the skills that made them so successful and trains others on them.

  • Scale CX Teams: Consistency and quality can suffer as teams grow. Loris gives teams of any size the skills to handle any difficult conversations with confidence.

  • Build Trust: Investing in empathetic conversations reinforces your company’s commitment to customers and further solidifies your positive image.


We’re working with the companies that seek to nail empathy - companies that care deeply about customers.

Maybe your company is really really good at this.


Or maybe customers hate your company and your customer service is a punchline on late night tv.

Either way, you need us. We got you.

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