Senior Full Stack Engineer with DevOps Experience

We believe that AI is awesome. We love technology. And yet we’ve learned nothing can replace human touch when it comes to handling difficult emotions. uses ML and NLP to help humans be the best version of ourselves; to communicate with more empathy and de-escalate hard conversations.

ABOUT US is a social good company. We’re a spin-out of Crisis Text Line, (the free, confidential, 24/7 text message service for people in crisis) which gives us an exciting proprietary edge:

  • Crisis Text Line is used to handle the most sensitive, high-risk conversations - with an 85% satisfaction rating.

  • Crisis Text Line has trained more than 20,000 Crisis Counselors to successfully communicate with empathy and compassion.

  • Crisis Text Line has amassed a data corpus of more than 100 million messages, labeled by humans on both sides, which informs our algorithms.


We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer with DevOps experience to build our SaaS product.

You’ll be at the heart of the team building our web applications and API. You’ll be involved in both product discovery and delivery, working closely with the Data Science team to productize their machine learning models to craft a product that transforms the way people communicate.


  • You are a generalist who has been in the trenches for at least ten thousand hours and has designed and built production software and the architecture needed to run it.

  • You are an expert in both back-end and front-end development with a focus on Python and Django as well as Javascript and React (yes, we know most folks are one or the other but you are rare and that's why we want you on our team). We want to see the code you've written and the products you've launched; tell us all about it.

  • You can administer GNU/Linux boxes as well as manage infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. You should feel at home with EC2 instances and load balancers and your eyes sparkle when you read the words Kubernetes, microservices, and containers. See? They sparkled again.

  • You are a problem solver and a self-taught, open-source developer. You are disciplined, have initiative and are ready to try crazy ideas, fail, and try again.

  • You understand the HTTP flow, know how to build a REST API, and lose sleep over performance optimization.


  • Fully covered health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. That’s right, no monthly premiums.

  • We work out of the beautiful Crisis Text Line office in Flatiron. Startup mindset, but there are plentiful snacks and passionate people all around you.

  • We are open to working remotely.

  • Loris is an equal opportunity employer.


Send email to with (a) your cv or link to LinkedIn profile (b) making the subject heading the name of your favorite pop culture robot (c) give us a couple examples “tech for good” you’ve worked on (or that you love from afar).