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Product designer

The designer at Loris.ai will play a critical role in creating the brand and the user experience of the training software. We encourage a sense of autonomy and expect designers to be able to think critically and act as product leaders, while remaining closely aligned to the product and business objectives of the organization. That means being able to see between lines, give and take feedback well, and actively research concepts that may be foreign. We expect designers to be great on their own but even better as part of a team.


Lead NLP Data Scientist

Loris.ai is building the world’s first AI to teach humans to have more empathetic conversations -- starting with customer service agents. We believe that the ability to handle difficult conversations makes an employee (and a company) truly great. We are looking for a lead Natural Language Processing (NLP) data scientist, with a focus on dialogue/conversational NLP, to help build an AI that measures empathy in conversations. As lead NLP data scientist, you will develop algorithms to extract conversational features associated with empathy as well as develop and test new hypotheses to measure empathy from textual conversations. The lead NLP data scientist will work closely with the content and engineering teams to incorporate his/her innovations in our products for enterprise customers.